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Loaded is the only Hospitality Software that lets you manage your revenue, labour and cost of goods in real-time, all in one app.
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Running a hospitality business is complicated and difficult. Rosters, inventory, recipes, cashflow – all in different systems and apps. It can be a real mess. How do you possibly keep across it all, and get your team on the same page? That's where Loaded comes in.

Loaded is the all-in-one hospitality hub that connects to your existing systems

Your existing systems

Point of Sale

Your ops in Loaded


Loaded is the hub for your business, bringing together your existing systems so they all talk to each other. This allows you to organise all your operations; labour and rosters, goods and ordering, menus and recipes (and more).

And because your operations are synced to your point of sale, you can easily track sales, margins, and gross profit in real-time. Loaded makes running your business easier, and shows you where you can cut costs, and make more money.

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Grow your profit margin by an average of 8%

Loaded gives you better visibility over your business than any other platform. We don't just help you run your business, we help you transform your business, with clarity over the cost and profit structure of your entire operation.

Source: Loaded customer data, 2020-2023.

See your Gross Profit in real-time

Being able to monitor your Gross Profit in real-time is the holy grail of managing a hospitality business. Arming you with every insight you need, live, you'll take full control of the performance of your venues.

From one site to many, you’re sorted

Whether you want to tune the financial performance of a single venue, or manage a multi-site group's stock, recipes and menus, labour, revenue reporting, and more, Loaded has you covered.

“Because everyone was looking and talking about the same information, 
we very quickly became more efficient.”

Lucy Whelan, Franchisor.  LoneStar & Joe’s Garage

10,000+ hospo owners & managers  power their businesses with Loaded

I've always wanted real-time visibility over our performance - when I realised the problems Loaded solves, I was hooked

Matty Yates, Owner
Tonoshi Japanese Restaurant Group

Get real-time data and grow the bottom-line

Loaded is the modern all-in-one solution for running one or more hospitality locations. Get a real-time overview of revenue, costs, performance, staffing and more - wherever you are. You’ll see actionable insights you can use to tune the performance of your business.

See how Loaded can work for your business

Every hospitality business is unique, so all our Demos are delivered one-on-one by a Growth Expert who has used Loaded in a real-world hospitality business.

  • We'll take the time to understand your business.
  • You tell us what you'd like to achieve.
  • We'll give you a free, zero pressure, 30 minute demo of how Loaded can work for your business

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Get your business cooking with our Onboarding and Support teams

Moving to a new software platform is a big deal, not just for the business owner, but your whole team. Our friendly Setup Reps will work with you to make this process as smooth as possible. We’ll help migrate rosters, inventory and recipes, sync your POS, and work with you to ensure your team has the training they need to succeed.

Learn from the experts

Our articles, videos, and live webinars are delivered by our qualified, world-class community of expert hospitality operators.

You’re passionate about hospitality. We’re committed to keeping it that way.

I'm Richard McLeod, CEO at Loaded, and I've walked a few miles in your shoes.

With over 15 years of owning hospitality businesses, I've experienced the late nights, the number crunching, the constant juggling of challenges. My business partner James and I learned the hard way.

That's why we built Loaded. First, to run our own 12 bars, pubs and restaurants. And now, to help over 10,000 operators and managers worldwide. We love the magic of hospitality: the food, the drinks, the shared moments. But we understand the behind-the-scenes struggles, too. Loaded simplifies those, letting you focus on the stuff you love doing.

It's a tool made by hospitality insiders, for owners and managers like you and me.

Thanks for taking a look at Loaded. I'm hopeful it will be the same secret sauce for success in your business that it has been in mine.

Cheers to the journey ahead,

Richard McLeod, CEO @ Loaded