The Simple Guide to Understanding Hospo Financials

You know when you walk into a brilliant bar or restaurant as a customer, but you can't put your finger on exactly what makes it so great? That's because delivering great hospitality is more art than it is science. But it’s not ALL art, and it's common for the creative hospo owner or manager to get overwhelmed because they're not managing and controlling the science part of their business - their finances. This, finally, is a clear guide to hospitality financials written for the artists.

What’s inside?

A 13-page Guide teaching you how to read, understand, and leverage the financials that matter most in a hospitality business, written specifically for the creatives among us.

  1. Clear and simple breakdowns of Profit & Loss Statements, reducing breakevens, cost of goods, salaries and wages, operational costs, and operating profit.
  2. An easy to use Profit Calculator that will show you the incredible impact of improving your current business position by just 1-3%.

Nailing these financials for our 12 venues helped us:

  • Connect our whole team to our numbers, with everyone clearly able to see the performance story they were telling us.
  • Rediscover the creative side of hospitality we joined this wonderful industry for.
  • Regained our sanity! Seriously, we did. Our hunched shoulders literally dropped.

I'm Rich McLeod, 
CEO at Loaded.

15 years ago my business partner James and I built Loaded to run our own 12 bars, pubs and restaurants. We were tired of not being able to consistently run every venue in the group with full visibility and tools for managing our key financial levers. When we finally made that visibility happen, the results were dramatic. I’m confident we can help make that same impact on your group, too.

“Ever since we introduced Loaded into our business 
  our gross profit has just got better and better.”

Steve Logan. Owner, Logan & Brown

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