Learn how simple it can be manage your hospitality business

Because every hospitality business is unique, all of our demos are delivered one-on-one by a growth expert who has used Loaded in a real world hospitality business. Get in touch, and we'll call you for a quick chat to see if a demo is worth your time!

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The Net Profit Calculator

It can be daunting to try and improve profitability in hospitality. But the secret is that if you can make 1% improvements in four key areas of your business, then you'll increase your profitability by up to 20%. Sound too good to be true? Enter your key financial information below, and immediately see the profit impact improving each of these key metrics by just 1%-3% would make.

Surprised? Now take your team through the process (by copying the link and sending it to them) so they can see the bottom-line result of making these minor adjustments.

Note: your data is completely private, we can't see or keep the numbers you enter here.

Give your profit a bump

Simply enter your last week, month or years actual numbers below, hit calculate and we'll show you how minor improvements in each area add up to big jumps in profitability.

Swipe the table to the right to see the results.

Please fill out all of the fields and click the Calculate button.
Current 1% Improvement 2% Improvement 3% Improvement
Total Sales $ (excl GST)
Total Cost of Goods, Food & Beverage %age
Total Salaries and Wages %age
Total Operating Expenses
Total Non Operating Expenses
Net Profit, before tax
Net Profit, overall percentage increase 0%

Share the numbers with your team.

Click the Copy Link button to save or share the table above. You can send that link to your people in an email or text message. Easy!

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Businesses that use Loaded improve their profit margin an average of 8%.

Loaded gives you better visibility over your business than any other platform. We don't just help you run your business, we help you transform your business, with clarity over the cost and profit structure of your entire operation.

  • We'll take the time to understand your business.
  • You tell us what you'd like to achieve.
  • We'll give you a free, zero pressure, 30 minute demo of how Loaded can work for your business.