The most simple and powerful Profit and Loss template for Hospo Groups

It’s hard to run one hospitality venue, let alone a group of them. Trust me, I know. Over many years growing a 12 site hospitality group, we built and refined a financial management model that's ideal for groups. At its heart is the most simple yet powerful Profit and Loss template, and today I'm giving it to you for free.

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What’s inside?

This isn't just a P&L template. You'll also get steps for making the most of it, and tips from other things we learned are important when managing and reporting on a group of hospitality venues. You'll find...

  1. A 5-page Guide with tips on managing Group Head Office costs, defining Head Office wages, managing your finance costs, and more.
  2. The Multi-Site Profit & Loss template where you can plug in your group’s numbers and get clarity and insight over the areas of your group that need more focus.

When we applied this guide to our 12 venues:

  • We reduced our Cost of Goods by 3% across the group (that was $600k per year).
  • Quickly identified where our GM or Head Chef were struggling and needed assistance.
  • Regained our sanity! Seriously, we did. Our hunched shoulders literally dropped.

I'm Rich McLeod, 
CEO at Loaded.

15 years ago my business partner James and I built Loaded to run our own 12 bars, pubs and restaurants. We were tired of not being able to consistently run every venue in the group with full visibility and tools for managing our key financial levers. When we finally made that visibility happen, the results were dramatic. I’m confident we can help make that same impact on your group, too.

“Ever since we introduced Loaded into our business 
  our gross profit has just got better and better.”

Steve Logan. Owner, Logan & Brown

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